• Staff & Management Training

100 % Practicality

Do you want your management and your staff to benefit from a output-driven management professional in a sustainable way in order to use new tools, techniques and mindset approaches in their daily business? Workshops are held in German or English language.

An interactive “Look&Feel” methodology within my trainings, workshops and speeches, as well as a customized content, adapted to the current situation of the  ensures

Two circumstances will ensure the rational and emotional embedding of the lessons in the participant’s thoughts:

1. an unique interactive “Look&Feel” methodology within my trainings, workshops and key-note speeches; (ENTHUSIASM AND HUMOR)

2. adaption of the topics and content according to the current situation of the company and it’s specific market (CUSTOMIZING);

Examples Of Best Practice

  • Practical Sales Trainings for Key Account Managers and Customer Sales Teams
  • Strategy Implementation Workshops
  • Marketing Management Seminars in Asian countries (eg Vientnam, Nepal, Silk Road contries)
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Management Camps (New Business Development)
  • Business Coaching for Managers (Train The Trainer)
  • Practical Leadership Trainings (eg personality models, behaviour style, MBO, communication, effective meetings)
  • „Think outside the box!“ – Creativity Workshops for R&D or Marketing teams)

Individual Characteristics

  • A unique mixture of know how, enthusiasm and humor.
  • Multiplication Approach (eg "Playing Coaches" involvement and support during the workshop and later on in daily business)
  • Sustainability of lessons learned (eg Personal Action Plan with reminder function)

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