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What customers say about Alexander…

“I have met Mr Muxel as a very open person with a good mix of directness and tact in working with people. He has the ability to focus on the core of any subjects.”

CEO, Switzerland

„Alexander presents a clear and honest picture and takes his time to understand customers requirements.  I found him to be highly professional, very thorough, well organised and devoted to customer satisfaction. He is respectful and his understanding of our requirements was exceptional.“

Director Sales and Marketing, UK

„I liked especially his congenial, relaxed and very professional way of business coaching combined with his expertise in sales and our products.“

Head of Marketing & Sales, Austria

„His lesson has been excellent and showed us that we sometimes forget to focus on all the basics due to stress factors from daily business.“

CEO, Hungary

„This workshop is a MUST for every sales team! Our experienced sales managers have been impressed from topics like ‘negotation rules’, ‘knowledge of human nature in sales’ and ‚alignment strategies‘.“

Sales Director, Germany

„Even as a sales manager with many years of experience, I have learned new things. The workshop has been absolutely motivating!“

Key Account Manager, Austria
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