• Business Coaching & Consultancy

Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice!

If you are you looking for an experienced hands-on sparring partner, who will tackle a project together with you and your team, we will call it MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY.

And if you go one step further in implementing this project (eg in the market) together with your team and as a team, we will call it BUSINESS COACHING.

Examples Of Best Practice

  • Change Management Coaching and/or implementation (eg Change Agent)
  • Management Topics in technical oriented companies (eg recruiting, management, leadership, communication, customer orientation, acquisition)
  • Sales Coaching and Optimisation (eg Sales Managers, Key Account Managers, Sales Teams)
  • Second Opinion for key position recruitment
  • New Business Development (new products & services, new markets)
  • From employee to supervisor...suddenly boss!
  • MBO - Management By Objectives (eg appraisal interview, assessment, performance appraisal, goals, useful tools)
  • Management Evaluation of organizations (national/international)

Individual Characteristics

  • Output-driven social-, self- and methodological competences
  • Empathy by experience
  • Values and business ethics are very important for me!

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